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VP or OG?

Top ten possible converstations seconds before Cheyney fired his buckshot!

10) I bet you won't shoot me in the face!

9) You hold that gun like a girl I hope you can shoot like a man!

8) I think I just found a solution for Social Security!

7) Watch this!

6) I told you before I'm not giving you people anymore money!

5) I'm so powerful I could shot someone in broad daylight in the face and nothing would happen to me!

4) When we brought you on this trip we failed to explain we 'd be hunting you!! Now RUN!!

3) We talked it over and we already have enough millinare republicans time to thin the herd!

2) you should never have slept with the presidents mistress his wife sure but his mistress!

1) Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight!

He shot the dude in the face.. That's like Jackass at 60!

Written by Ron Sturgess

Art by Jason Hunter and Ron Sturgess